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What is EyeWitness ? »

Eyewitness is a social platform for people, to people and by the people to combine them into the same roof to raise their social causes and crime scenes taking place on their neighboring and demand for the justice. As being multi-facility, it avails an ease to capture the wrong practices of their surrounding and further sending it to the eyewitness so that people come to know and demand for its resolution to keep the city clean.

Available in mobile versions: »

Eyewitness is also available in various mobile platforms to further enable great ease to their users and henceforth. Apart from web version, it is significantly available in wide ranging mobile platforms including Andorid, iPhone/iPad and windows phones. Being multi-facility, the application helps a user quite innovatively to capture all scenes whether there is no internet connection available. The idea behind developing eyewitness mobile is to cover the entire user arena and providing them a magic tool to capture all the segments and to send it ahead to the public for further resolution.

Our Vision and Aims: »

Eyewitness aims to bring awareness and vigilance in the society regarding several covered and uncovered wrong practices, incidents and crimes. This approach of making the issues public and demanding the justice will be more effective and deter the crime and other awful practices taking place massively.

Be vigilant: »

Eyewitness is a proof of your alertness and to deter the wrongful practices of your surroundings. Become vigilant for the issues widespread in all fields including government offices, medical, politics and other miscellaneous to further raise your voice and demand for justice.